Tuesday, June 2, 2015

AVP, Digital Marketing, Pune


  • Prior experience online marketing, internet and digital advertising industry preferably for some of the leading brands of the world 
  • Led a team of digital marketers, analysts and designers to drive all online marketing efforts for the brand 
  • Strong knowledge of all digital marketing channels, creative usage of social media and recent trends in the field 
  • Hands on experience in using all online tools and software for tracking desired metrics of campaigns proactively 
  • Proven track record of launching innovative digital campaigns, over achieving results, being highly accountable on the business expectations 
  • Experience developing strategically grounded, brilliant creative applied in digital mediums 


3-4 years of relevant work experience in Digital marketing


MBA from any premier institute or anyone who thinks is crazy enough to drive this, We don't have anything to do with your diploma and degree certificates :)


  • Lead the digital marketing team, ideate, design and execute online marketing campaigns in coordination with rest of the marketing team 
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify sources of data that support marketing measurement 
  • Support cross-channel marketing efforts from audience targeting and develop models/system to support marketing decision-making 
  • Design and implement procedures that helps business leads manage the growing marketing activities 
  • Identify actionable insights, provide recommendations and influence the direction of the marketing 
  • Identify and mobilize opportunities with new products that will drive incremental impact 
  • Manage the digital media budget, forecasting, operating plan and tracking on a MoM basis 

Desired Skills and Experience:

  • Does not fall in love with the first idea but explores till he finds the best solution 
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic and fast-paced environment, drive change, and collaborate effectively with a variety of individuals and organizations 
  • Creative flair to bring fresh ideas and ability to think strategically 
  • Proficiency in spreadsheets and presentations Superior analytical skills that include the ability to see granular as well as big picture issues 
  • Excellent business acumen and problem solving ability

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AVP, Design, Pune


  •  Experience in establishing and handling a group of insanely creative designers and artists for any of the celebrated consumer facing companies in the past 
  • Strong background of working on complete design lifecycle from ideation, conceptualization, development and design 
  • Hands on experience in creating some of the best designs in the past 
  • A strong portfolio that showcases examples of their best work done in the past 
  • Familiar with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS design capabilities to ensure the designs can be implemented 


  • 6-10 years of relevant work experience in UI/UX design 


  • The ability to lead and mentor a design team, ensuring they meet the set targets and goals 
  • Closely work with both internal and external teams to understand consumer, business needs and expected output 
  • Review design flows and experiences that are incredibly simple and elegant for end user created by the team 
  • Conceptualizing, designing and prototyping the core products and also the new features 
  • Ensuring that frequent, iterative usability testing in parallel with development of the product is being conducted 
  • Collaborate with other teams to understand requirement and formulate creative solutions 
  • Conceptualize original ideas that bring simplicity and user friendliness to complex design roadblocks 
  • Oversee the development as per wireframes, storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps to effectively communicate interaction and design ideas 

 Desired Skills and Experience:-

  •  Leadership skills and able to motivate the teams 
  • Be able to look at their work from the point of view of consumers 
  • Expressive and good at communication skills 
  • Think of new approaches of communicating ideas through visual representation 
  • Accuracy and attention to detail

If you are crazy enough to drive this, drop your thoughts to [email protected]

Freelance Photographer, All Locations

Key Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for photography of properties for various fitness destinations like Gyms, health clubs, yoga centers in the given area and to help build Gympp (Gym Plus Plus) as a flagship brand for Short Stays in the country 
  • To ensure high quality photography and 360 degree panoramic views of the Business
  • Performing basic quality check on the photographs 
  • To ensure maximum productivity by improving efficiency while working 
  • This is a freelance assignment with expected duration of around 6 - 8 months. 

Photographers shall be paid on a per property basis. Training would be provided on architectural photography and 360 degree panoramas. Place of location is flexible. Candidate can choose from a huge list of available locations.

Job Specifications 

  • Education - 1 year or 6 month certification or formal educational background in photography is preferred 
  • Experience - Candidate should have at least 2 years of experience in photography in case of no formal education in this domain 
  • Skill set - Good photography skills, soft skills and an aesthetic sense is a must 

Preferred Skills:

Equipment - Candidates with full frame camera or willingness to buy/rent one shall be preferred; possession of a wide angle lens & fish eye lens would be preferred Candidates with bikes would be preferred,  Candidates with prior experience in architectural photography shall be preferred


Ishani: [email protected]

Data Collection Executive, All Locations

Job Discription :-

  • Candidate should have bike 
  • Should be 12th pass 
  • Should be a Localite 
  • Freshers are also welcome. 
  • If experienced then previous job should be that of field only.
  • Only Male candidates preferred 
  • Should not be more than 28 years 

Job Profile:-

Candidate will have to collect information about various fitness destinations like Gyms, health clubs, yoga centers in the given area. Also, he has to connect with various business owners to get the business listings.
Salary offered: Rs 11000/- in hand + incentives (depending upon the property listings got)


Ishani: [email protected]

Monday, March 30, 2015

Operations, City Head, Pune

This job encompasses a gamut of roles and responsibilities. The City Head would be responsible for overall business growth in the city and drive the P&L for all product categories. One of the major responsibilities of this role would be to create and plan the short and long term strategy for the city and take charge of executing it on the ground. The City head would have to coordinate with all functions like product, sales and marketing, channel management, operations to achieve the desired results and targets. He would have to gain hands-on exposure to all facets of this fast growing venture, including Operations, Sales, Marketing and HR to be able to chart out the growth trajectory effectively.

He/She would be required to ensure smooth running of the machinery of the City, which requires end-to-end ownership of each and every process, function, people and money and own the progress of Gympp.

He/She is expected to instill ownership and effective coordination across the functions and act like a bridge between HO/Central team and local teams

This is an opportunity to work directly with the Founder/CEO and senior management team on a regular basis; strategize and execute key initiatives of the Company

We are giving shape to a dream in India so this job is not for the comfort seeking types.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Competitive Understanding: Keep a close watch on competitive landscape in your city. Any opportunity in supply, pricing, talent, business model tweaks should be capitalized upon.
  • Partner Management and Growth: Ensuring long term and profitable relationships with all business partners. Manage Key partners and guide the Network development and Operations Team to enable rapid growth
  • Creating Brand Awareness: Initiation and execution of 360 degree brand awareness campaigns / tools to manage and effectively expand a network of our business partners. Creating strategies and Business products as per local demands with respect to supply side of the business. Inducting agencies/channel partners to execute plans.
  • Financial Planning and Performance: Own the P&L of the city. Make a growth plan in conjunction with other teams and ensure the targets are met. 
  • Communicate Vision and Purpose: Ability to communicate a compelling & inspired vision of what needs to be achieved for the business to realize its mission and goals. Gains commitment from all involved in delivering their specific part
  • Result focus - Set realistic and stretching performance expectations for self and others. Regularly reviews progress and acts to ensure optimal results for the business.
  • Organization: Hire and manage a high performance team. Ensure their objectives of growth and performance are met.

If you are crazy enough to drive this drop your thoughts to [email protected]

Friday, February 20, 2015

Software Engineer, Search

Responsibilities -

  • Architect and build the next generation of Search features and infrastructure
  • Improve the quality of our search results and conversion rate
  • Help us tackle new challenges, like discovery and personalization
The following experience is relevant to us -
  • Real-world expertise with Information Retrieval, Machine Learning, Recommendation Systems
  • Experience working with large, custom search systems
  • Strong Java experience
  • Experience with Hadoop/Hive/Cascading
  • In-depth Lucene expertise
  • Strong CS fundamentals
  • Rigor in A/B testing, automated testing, and other engineering best practices
  • Exposure to architectural patterns of large, high-scale web applications
Benefits -
  • Stock
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Apple equipment
  • Company sponsored tech talks and happy hours
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Much more...

If you are crazy enough to drive this drop your thoughts to [email protected]

Software Engineer, Android

We’re looking for product-aware engineers who are thoughtful, responsible and passionate builders who appreciate user experience. We’re looking for someone who is not only well versed in Android development, but also has a strong understanding of good UX and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty in backend code. We believe that great product people use lots of products, so if you’re an active user of Gympp, we are listening.

Why is Android important at Gympp?

Not only is mobile quickly becoming the preferred means to book travel, but mobile uniquely enables our hosts to be responsive and connects our guests to their surroundings. Because of the unique form-factor of mobile, we put a particular emphasis on the user-experience design. Our apps have been featured in the app store, Google Play and at WWDC. 

The following experience is relevant to us:

Experience shipping one or more Android apps, ideally currently available on Google Play.
Personal projects that show an aptitude for engineering and product sense.
Ability to work in areas outside of their usual comfort zone and get things done quickly.
Generalist Engineer experience.

Benefits -
  • Stock
  • Competitive salaries
  • Quarterly employee travel coupon
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Apple equipment
  • Company sponsored tech talks and happy hours
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Much more...

If you are crazy enough to drive this drop your thoughts to [email protected]

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Software Engineer, Mobile Front-end

What are we looking for?

A front-end developer who goes beyond HTML, CSS and JS to fall in love with the software she/he builds. You will be responsible for bringing elegant designs and interactions to life, first on the web and then on mobile devices as well.

Stuff you should have:
  • Pretty good with HTML and CSS.
  • Have at least working knowledge of JavaScript (brownie points if you know Ember JS).
  • Have a bit of an eye for good design and software.
  • Not be a jerk. At least 50% of the time.

Stuff we don't care about:
  • Your years of work experience
  • Your diploma certificates
  • Your love life

Who are we?

We are a fledgling company, founded with the experience we've built working in some of the hottest software product companies in the world. We have a massive track record of building, marketing and shipping awesome products used by tens of thousands of users every day. We are currently working on a very very early stage project management software that we believe will change the way people work on their ideas and get them through to execution.

Why should you join us?

Let me cut to the chase here. You must be a fool to join a fledgling company. You need to have more than the recommended dose of “batshit crazy” to throw in your heart and soul and sweat with just a big bag of hope to back you. You must be a delusional lunatic. And that's why we want you.

Why? Because you’re like us. A dreamer who believes so strongly in your dreams that you’re ready to flex fourteen hours a day everyday and still wake up fresh for another fourteen hours more. A front-ender who is so passionate about having fluid widths, you’re almost definitely OCD. An outcast. An alien. A freak of nature that must never be set loose without a straightjacket.

“The people crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” - Steve Jobs

As part of the germ team, you’ll be working with a bunch of loons who’ve walked the talk. You'll be part of the core team, jumping in early in the game. You'll be the person making decisions on what the product should look and feel like, the one calling the shots, the one deploying those changes.

As a fellow loon, you’ll be a part of the core germ team. You’ll be able to get your hands dirty in every part of a startup, from writing code to returning sales calls. You will ask yourself the right questions, think up the right answers, and make them see light. And you will be in direct control of what you want to be - be awesome, and we all win.

Job Perks

  • You get work on any device you choose, as long as it’s a mac
  • Your work hours are pretty flexible. You can check in any time you like, but you will never want to leave.
  • There’s round-the-clock coffee, and the occasional weekly beer.
  • You get to work with some really cool people - developers, marketers, products guys - the kind of people you can actually relax and talk life-philosophy with every once in a while.
  • When things get real intense, you can break into song-and-dance. In fact, it’s heavily encouraged.
  • If we love each other enough to work together full-time, you get crazy generous equity as well.

If you are crazy enough to drive this drop your thoughts to [email protected]